Supersweet X Moumi’s first fashion film continues the brand’s preoccupation with fantasy and romanticism with ‘Wish You Were Here’, showcasing their SS16 collection


‘Wish You Were Here’ sees a well-dressed girl running through an abandoned building, seemingly lured into different realms by the image of a moumi (cat) she finds on a postcard. The girl, Carla Starr, finds herself trying to escape an almost impossible state of reality, each one unfolding and with a new scene and, of course, a new outfit. To label the first ever fashion film from SUPERSWEET x moumi as ordinary in any way would be a vastly unfair judgement.

It’s hard not to recognise the almost Victorian influence on SUPERSWEET x moumi’s stunning new Spring/Summer 2016 collection; the ‘Purrple Label’ exhibited during the film. With tulle petticoat-style skirts, Edwardian ruffles, pastel shades and feminine cuts, this latest offering from the label compliments their already stellar reputation as a wonderfully whimsical brand.


SUPERSWEET x moumi is a concept brand based in Bangkok and focusing around the niche idea of cat-influenced designs. moumi is the name of the first of three cats responsible for this spin-off label, inspiring a range of unique pieces with feline imagery now synonymous with the brand which has been established since 2011.

This season these clever kitties have produced this unusual and captivating fashion film, ‘Wish You Were Here’ , directed by Jay Nantakwang, to highlight their new pieces, all available online now.  You can find the whole collection here.

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Words: Rachael Pountley/@ratchetpout